What is a foodie trip all about?

Someone who knows me well once suggested I take a “foodie trip”. Errr, a foodie trip? What’s a foodie trip? I had never heard the term before and in my quest to find out, I began to understand why they suggested it.

Foodies are people who consider themselves to be gourmets, someone with a refined interest in food. I had to laugh, since I knew my friend was having a bit of a go at me with the comment, but there was something about the concept that intrigued me. Earlier this summer I decided to try out the foodie trip idea, and you know what… it was amazing.

food tripA foodie trip can be loosely defined as a vacation with the purpose of sampling the best foods a destination has to offer. You’re not there to see some old building or go to a museum, you are there to try some new flavours and food sensations you would never get back home. That sounds like a dream vacation to me, so I set about picking a place to go, and booking my hotel.

For my first trip, I decided to keep it relatively close to home, Ireland… in fact, Galway Ireland. There is just something about that perfectly poured pint of Guinness with it’s creamy head and smooth taste that takes me to another era. I can hear the folk music, and the happy chatter of the locals right now as a think back to that trip. Finding a hotel in Galway is easy. I do highly recommend you read the reviews on HRS before picking your place to stay. A perfect foodie trip is better when you’ve got a great hotel to stay in.

OystersSo, a little to the south of Galway, I discovered the perfect foodie destination, Moran’s Oyster Cottage. It is an 18th century tavern made from that rich burnished wood you see on television. It even has a traditional thatched roof. Its claim to fame, other than the food, is that it was immortalized in the Seamus Heaney poem Oysters. The owners of this fantastic place have been making and perfecting oyster and seafood chowder since the 1700s, and oh my have they got it right. My favourite are the garlic grilled oysters. There aren’t words for how delicious these are. Ha, in fact, just thinking about them has my mouth watering for more.

The big question is, where to next? Venice for some crudo? Barcelona for tapas? Belle-Île maybe for the seafood? Or maybe a trip a bit further out like Montreal for the tradition smoked meat sandwiches the city is so famous for? Where would you suggest?


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  1. On Saturday, Bermondsey Square will have a summer party & they will open the Summer Exhibition at the Vitrine Gallery. One of my hdnabsus painting will be included!! There is also the Antique Market on the same square on Friday mornings… it’s at the end of Bermondsey Street. Good to go early so you have the rest of the day to explore elsewhere.The new overground train service in East London can transport you between the Geffrey Museum in Hoxton and the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill.

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