Weekend getaway for mummy and daddy

School is back in session, the children are busy with their new lessons, and now it’s time for mom and dad to head off for a weekend to themselves. You can leave the kids with the relatives and relax… but the usual question is where? Where can we go that’s inexpensive, easy to get to and not overrun with noisy tourists. What do you look for? A mountain hideaway? A beach maybe? Or just anything that is relaxing?

The funny thing is, when we think about taking off for a long weekend, we never look close by – instead we search at the very limits of where we can travel, adding hours of flights, frustrations and stress to the weekend when we don’t really need to. Did you know that there are some amazing retreats right almost on your doorstep?

Forest of BowlandNorthern England for example is chock-a-block full of interesting places to go. One stands out in my eyes, the Forest of Bowland. Have you ever heard of this place? I hadn’t until someone pointed it out to me. It’s one of those destinations in England that gets passed over by the usual crowd, and that leaves it unspoiled for you and I.

The Forest of Bowland is located north of Leeds and Manchester in Lancashire. It has been designates an Area of Outstanding Beauty, and when you stand and look out over the moors, you can see why. This region is undeveloped, left in its natural state for us all to enjoy.

OK, you say, a forest, where am I supposed to stay if it’s a forest? That’s easy. There are several towns along the outer edges of the forest  that provide some excellent accommodation in the form of B&Bs and small boutique hotels. For example, you could stay in a place like the wonderfully named Old Stone Trough on Colne Road just south of Barnoldswick, and a short distance to the north west of Leeds.

Mountain Biking in the Forest of BowlandThis is of course just one example of many – places right within the UK that are really truly lovely places to visit for any reason, from a romantic weekend with your spouse, to a walking holiday with your best mates.

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