Vancouver, a beautiful city on the Pacific

I’ve always loved the idea of travelling to Canada; it’s a country that has always fascinated me.

After reading about how Vancouver has been rated as one of the nicest cities in the world, I just had to book a flight and go. I contacted a friend who used to live there and got a few tips on things to see and do as well as a couple hotels that were worth checking out.

A comfy place to stay

I wanted a good location, and my friend said that Robson Street is the place to be. It’s the very heart of the Vancouver city centre with all its shopping and other attractions, and you are walking distance to the beaches. I picked the Greenbriar Hotel because I could book a 2 room suite for a really great price. It really was a great place to stay while I was in Vancouver.

Exploring the west coast

What can you say really? Vancouver really is an amazing place. You can go walking on the Capilano Suspension Bridge, or shopping down on Robson Street. There are loads of great beaches all around the down town area. My favourite place though was Stanley Park. This wonderful little island park just hit all the right buttons for me. Each morning I put on my trainers and went for a jog around the seawall that rings the island. There is little that I’ve seen and done that comes close to an early morning jog right on the shore of the Pacific Ocean (well it’s actually the inlet, but it’s connected to the ocean). The light mist burns off as the sun rises, and you get to share the experience with a few other people who understand the beauty of that moment.

Vancouver is definitely a must-see, and now on the top of my vacation list for next year.

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