Top five places to visit in Japan

Japan is an exciting place to visit. The country is filled with a surprising range of things from ancient to ultramodern. If you’re thinking about a trip to Japan sometime in the near future, you will definitely find it helpful to collect up a few of the top attractions to help you plan your trip. Japan is a big place spread across many islands. Thinking ahead and planning for at least a few of the best destinations will ensure that you get the most out of your trip.

Mount Fuji

If you know anything at all about Japan, you probably have heard of Mount Fuji. This volcano is Japan’s highest mountain, and an iconof the country. The best time to visit  is during July or August when the weather is great, and the mountain slopes are warm and inviting. At the summit, arranged around the central crater are a large collection of shrines. Getting to the top is easiest along the popular routes such as Gotemba, Fujiomiya and Kawaguchiko.Mount Fuji

The Bomb Dome in Hiroshima

This building, the Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall was almost directly underneath the atomic bomb that was detonated here on 6 August 1945. Remarkably, it survived the blast, and today it stands as a monument in the centre of the Hiroshima Peace Park. In 1996 it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a somewhat sober reminder of days gone by, and an interesting place to visit.

The Bomb DomeHimeji Castle

There are twelve castles in Japan that have been preserved in almost perfect condition.  Himeji Castle was constructed between 1333 and 1346, and is the most famous castle in the country. If you enjoy James Bond movies, you might have spotted it in the 1967 film “You Only Live Twice”. You will find this stunning monument in Hyōgo Prefecture, just west of Osaka and Kyoto.

Himeji CastleTodai-ji Hall, Nara

The city of Nara, founded in the eighth century, is Japan’s oldest capital. This city alone is well worth visiting to get a feel for traditional Japanese culture. Located within the city is the Todai-ji Hall, the largest wooden building in the world. It is filled with massive statues, and the largest bronze Buddha in the world. The temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is considered to be one of the top national treasures of Japan.

Todaji HallGinza, Tokyo

Ginza is the economic, social and cultural hub of Tokyo. When you see a photo of Tokyo with its neon lights and busy streets, it was probably taken in Ginza. This area is essentially the city centre or Tokyo, and is filled with more shops, restaurants and bars than you ever thought possible to see in one place. The best time to visit Ginza is at night, so if you really want to be at the centre of all the action, I’d recommend you book a nearby hotel room so you do not have far to walk.


mount fuji ©midorisyu/
the bomb dome ©miss vichan/
Himeji castle ©Mr Wabu/
Todai-ji Hall ©Richard.Fisher/
Ginza,Tokyo ©Simon le nippon/


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