The V Festival

Summertime in the UK is an amazing time. Every summer is punctuated with a regular parade of festivals. August, for example, is the time when you can enjoy V Festival. This is one of the best pop music festivals of the year, and it’s held in Hylands Park, Chelmsford, and Weston Park, South Staffordshire.

The V Festival started way back in 1996 with an idea from the guys in the band known as Pulp. They through it would be a lot of fun to do a weekend concert over two cities on opposite sides of the UK, in two days. The idea grew from there, and pretty soon, they had a few bands signed up, and V was born. The festival has had a lot of firsts, including being, in 1997, the first concert to be webcast.

The V FestivalI was able to attend this amazing festival back in 2010 when Groove Armada, Skunk Anansie, and my old favourites, the Pet Shop Boys were playing. To say that it was fun is an understatement! The most difficult part was choosing in which city I would attend the concerts, and then which stage I wanted to be at.

This year, the festival is happening on Saturday, the 17th of August and Sunday, the 18th of August. The headline acts are really something, with well known artists like Beyonce, The Kings of Leon, and Basement Jaxx.

Great music in two great cities in the UK. What better way to enjoy a weekend in August…


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