The City of Angels

I was not surprised to find out that Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States trailing only New York City. Most big cities I dislike, but Los Angeles is a notable exception. After graduating from high school, I set out to see more of the world, and the USA was top on my list. Following Horace Greeley’s advice, I went west and my first destination was Los Angeles, California.

Very quickly I learned how apropos the aliases are that are used to label Los Angeles… L.A., The city of angels, the city of the stars, and even La La land. Even with all these nicknames, I still felt an instant connection with this amazing city on the Pacific coast. Everything about it, from the fantastic beaches to the amazing shopping just feels comfortable and like home to me.

Watts is a very interesting part of this city. A former Watts resident, an Italian immigrant, built a structure called the Watts Towers. It is composed of 17 structures made from steel rods, wire mesh, and cement. Throughout the area, you can see the environment decorated with shards of ceramics, bottles, tiles, shells, and various scraps. It is one of the few historical landmarks in the U.S. The site is owned by the state of California but managed by the city of Los Angeles. I really think that the Watts Towers is a ‘must see’ for when you visit L.A.

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The Los Angeles area is known for its professional sports teams. Major League Baseball (MLB) has the Los Angeles Dodgers and Angels. WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) has the Los Angeles Sparks while the NBA has the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers. In the National Hockey League (NHL), one can find the Anaheim Ducks and the Los Angeles Kings.

In Los Angeles, you’ll find so much to do, but to really get started in style, I recommend a helicopter tour. If you rent a car, take a drive through the palm tree lined streets of Beverly Hills and see how the other half live. I really enjoyed my driving tour, and the incredible mansions are really something to see. The Hollywood Walk of Fame was quite enjoyable for me; I found stars for several of my favorite entertainers. When you visit, you have to see if you can find your idol… Charley Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, or how about John Wayne?

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During my explorations, I stumbled onto the Cafe Del Ray restaurant, approximately 20 minutes from LAX in Marina Del Ray, California. The atmosphere was brilliant and the buffet choices were just excellent.  I think you would really enjoy a meal here.

So, what are you waiting for? Book that flight to LA and live it up with the rich and famous.  Maybe we will bump into each other on Rodeo Drive… you never know.


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