The best travel destination in December

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching. Have you made any plans for a getaway vacation yet? Or are you still in the “where can we go” stage?

This time of year is high season for travelling, so you will certainly need to consider your budget and the suitability of your destination. Here are a few tips to help you out.

In Europe people are flocking to the ski slopes. This is also the peak season for Christmas Markets in Germany, northern Italy, eastern France, and Austria. Cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Nuremberg, Cologne and Dresden are filled to the brim with visitors enjoying Glühwein and barbecued bratwurst.






If cold, snow and Christmas music is not to your liking, then you can set your sights on Asia. December is the best month to visit places like Laos and Cambodia. The temperatures are not super high yet, and the weather is generally excellent. The beaches in Bangladesh have a perfect combination of sunny weather and calm seas. Hanoi, Vietnam is a great place to consider even though it’s not really all that hot there in December.






Africa is another amazing sunshine option for December. It is now the dry season in most of sub Saharan Africa. The weather is excellent… not too hot, and not too wet. Simply enjoyable, especially places like Cairo, Egypt and Cape Town, South Africa.






If you’re considering budget, yet still want somewhere exotic, then we’d recommend South America. Places like Buenos Aires Argentina or Santiago, Chile. You can find some really amazing prices on flights, and HRS has some really good deals on hotels during December. Hotel prices tend to increase for the days around Christmas, so book your rooms in advance.






Central America also has some great destinations that are well within the affordable range. In December, San Jose, Costa Rica is just easing into its dry season making it an ideal destination if you enjoy lounging on the beach, or surfing. Pro-tip, if you’re into surfing, head for the Pacific coast.

As you can see, December is an amazing month for travel to just about anywhere in the world. You have so many choices, from snow vacations in Europe to beach vacations in Asia, and Central and South America. These destinations don’t have to wipe out your budget either as there are some incredible last minute flight and hotel deals to be had in any one of these destinations.

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