The best place to go in May

My friends often ask me, “where should we go for vacation?” It’s May, we’ve got a few extra free holidays due to the various Bank Holidays, and we want to make the best of it. Where can we go for a few days? Please let there be sunshine, a beach and sunshine.

It seems like the winter in northern Europe really makes so many of us a little sunshine-starved. I know the feeling, but we can all take comfort in the fact that it’s May and you’re in Europe. May is the start of summer. In central and southern Europe, they are slipping into the long warm days of summer, and it’s really the perfect time to take a short vacation. You are on the shoulder of the peak summer season, so the hordes of tourists have not yet arrived. Perfect!RhodesThe question is always… where do you go? For May, one of my top choices is Rhodes, Greece. It’s a reasonable 3 or 4 hour flight from London or Amsterdam, and it has a wide range of places you can stay, from hotels in the city centre, to beach-front resorts, to secluded guest houses. The range of choice is great because you can find something to suit virtually everyone.

My favourite town on the island is Ixia. This area is located just to the south of the capital city. There are dozens of beaches and loads of excellent hotels and apartment hotels here. You will be spoilt for choices. You can stay right on the beach, or you can opt for a spot across the road, nestled up against the hills.

Ixia BeachOne amazing hotel is the Dionysos. I stayed there a few years ago, and can really recommend it. They are located just off the beach and have an excellent swimming pool, restaurant and a café. It is extremely easy to make your way in to the capital city from here – a short taxi ride and you’re there. The rooms are well designed and quite comfy as well. I always try to re-book into this place if I’m planning a trip to my favourite Greek island.

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  1. It all depends on you to choose what would be your best position to travel to. Although, your recommendation of Europe is perfect, I agreed that it could be the best place to go in May.

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