Spring Bank Holiday

The Spring Bank Holiday is coming up on the 27th of May this year – the last Monday of May. Most of us will get this day off work. The question is, how do you make use of this extra day? You’ve got a long weekend, three days to be precise. Do you stay home and mow the lawn? Or do you head out and enjoy the sunshine somewhere? I know what my choice will be.The lawn will have to be mowed another weekend because I’m booking myself into a hotel somewhere.

Spring Flowers There are quite a few things you can do that are close to home, or you can venture a bit further out. Within the UK, you can get a little silly and spend the day in Brockworth, Gloucestershire. Why Brockworth? Well, this is the site of the famous Cooper’s Hill where people get supremely silly and chase a round of Double Gloucester cheese down the hill.

Another fun option within the UK is to travel to Staffordshire and stop in at the town of Endon. The locals really get into the traditional spirit with their May Fair. They host a traditional fashion show, and have competitions like “tossing the sheaf.” The sight of Morris Dancers everywhere gets you tempted to join in on the fun. It’s really a good time especially if you have a family. They will learn a bit about the history of the country and burn off some of that pent up energy they always seem to have.

AmsterdamIf you want to head out a little further, you can book a weekend in Amsterdam. One of my favourite hotels is located just to the north of the city in Zaandam. It’s within walking distance to the train station, so it’s super easy to travel in and out of the city centre. Why this hotel? Well, because of its charm and architecture. The building itself is a real work of art… like a Lego interpretation of a traditional Dutch house; it’s fantastic. The rooms are very modern with a touch or art-deco style. The staff are wonderful as well. Overall, it’s a perfect place to stay while you enjoy the unique atmosphere of Amsterdam. Make sure you visit the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum while you are in the city!

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