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Berlin is one of those cities that you always seem to be travelling to on business when you’re passing through Europe. It could be for LinuxTag, the Oharma Summit, ICSOC, or any one of literally hundreds of conferences and business meetings that are hosted here each year. You could also be passing through on a customer visit, or a branch or head office visit. So many business reasons to be visiting the city, but are you planning ahead a little and mixing a little relaxation with all that work?

Berliner DomI have spent a lot of time finding favourite hotels in the various cities I travel to on a regular basis on client visits, and for conferences. I seem to spend a lot of time in Berlin lately, and I’ve got a few suggestions for you if you’re also passing through this interesting city.

First on my list are some places that I think are worth considering if you’re trying to pick a hotel. Considering location, quality of the hotel, and the user ratings, I have found a couple places I’d like to share with you.

Berlin WallThe nhow hotel on Stralauer Allee 3 is quite a nice place. It’s a reasonable distance from the city centre, and is essentially right on the inner ring road. The Warschauer Strasse U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations are literally right around the corner so travelling within the city is really easy.

The hotel itself is really quite amazing. It’s styled as a music hotel, and is filled with curves and colour. The music theme is carried right to the limits including, can you believe it, two, yes two recording studios right in the hotel! If you want, you can even have guitars delivered to your room as part of the room service. It’s not all just music though. If you enjoy a little night life, some wild colours and an eclectic place to stay that is nothing at all like the drab and dreary typical business hotel, then you really need to check this place out.

Potsdamer PlatzThe second hotel I’d like to suggest is the Grand Hyatt on Marlene Dietrich Platz 2, near the Berlin Zoo. The Berlin Potsdamer Platz S-Nahn station is a 2 or 3 minute walk down the street, and being right there on Potsdammer Platz, you’re right in one of the main business, shopping, entertainment, and embassy hubs of the city – The Canadian Embassy is just on the far side of Potsdammer Platz, and the American Embassy is a short walk along the east side of the Tiergarten.

Describing the hotel, I’d say that it is a top notch luxury hotel with everything you could ever want or need for business or vacation stays. Honestly, if I’m looking for a relaxing place to retreat to, this hotel is right on the very top of my short list every time.

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