Something to do in your spare time in London this summer

There’s always something going on in London, and this summer the talk of the town is the Olympics. Many people are planning on attending the games this year, and the city is really ramping free activities to entertain the influx of visitors.

One thing you might be wondering though is what else can you do in London while you are attending the Olympic games? You will have time between events, and even whole days where you will be looking for something a little different to try, or something unusual that most people miss out on when they are visiting the British capital.

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Museums are great, but what about something more physical? Have you ever heard of zorbing? Basically, you climb into an inflatable ball that looks a bit like a giant hamster ball, and go rolling down a hill – it’s an adrenalin rush, and more fun than you’ve probably had in a long time. There is a place you can go zorbing in south London, it’s called Pod London, and it’s just a short walk from the Whyteleafe train station on Salmons Lane, Surrey. This place has several purpose built runs for the zorbing ball; you can even ride with a friend in the harness ball, or go hydro zorbing and cool off on a hot summer day.

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The whole city of London is filled with fun things to do, and if you look a little off the proverbial beaten path, you will find some really interesting activities to keep you and your family busy for days.

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