Soaking up Autumn in Cape Cornwall

Summer is over, the children are heading back to school, and winter isn’t far off. We still have a few really nice weekends left in 2013, and probably a few more vacation days to burn off. Something too many of us do is think that for vacation we need to jet off to some island when there is a wealth of interesting destinations right on our collective doorsteps.

Cape CornwallOne place I hope to get to before winter really sets in is Cape Cornwall. You know, that bit of Britain that stretches out into the Celtic Irish Sea like a finger reaching for those last warm rays of sunshine. Most of this area is National Trust land and is undeveloped, left to its natural state. Everything you imagine when you think of Cornwall the rugged coastline, the ruined mines, the rolling green hills as you move inland all come together on the Cape presenting you with a really amazing place to visit. There is little that can equal the peace of mind you get from sitting on a hilltop looking out on the Atlantic, watching the sea birds floating gracefully on the ocean breeze. The contrast between the tranquillity above, and the the angry thundering crashes of the Atlantic below is amazing. Can you tell I really like the Cornish coastline?

Cape Cornwall in NovemberOf course, you can’t plan a trip to Cornwall without considering a place to stay for the weekend. There are a few hotels available in Penzance and Hayle, as well as several a but further east in Falmouth that you can select from. If you want to stay as close to the western shoreline as you can, you will have to plan ahead a little and book into a hotel such as the Travelodge in Hayle. If you don’t mind being about 30 kilometres inland, I’d recommend The Headland Hotel in Newquayl it’s quite nice and reasonably priced for the region.


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