Saving for your next big vacation

Travelling the world can be a rather costly thing to do, so how do so many people manage to just pick up and go to all of these amazing exotic destinations? I’ve got a few tips for you that you can try out – hopefully one or two will help out and you will be jetting off to some crazy destination in no time at all.

Set up a vacation fund

This is one of the more simple options. You have probably seen something similar in your local pub – a box with a slot in it into which you stuff your spare change. In effect it’s a piggy bank. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to drop in a few coins every day from your left over lunch money. If you add in an extra 1 or 2 pounds per day, your vacation fund will grow even faster, and you won’t notice the few coins missing from your pockets.

Sell photos

Yes, exactly that, take photos and sell them. Of course you have to start somewhere, so start with taking a few photos around home. You would be amazed just how many amazing photo opportunities you have just around the corner from your house, regardless if you live in the countryside or in a city. You don’t even need expensive camera equipment – the camera on your mobile phone can get you started. There are several websites that will help you with this such as, and a few pounds for each photo you sell will go a long way towards funding your next trip where you can take even more photos.

Blog about your adventures

If you enjoy writing, try blogging about them. If you are good, you can turn this into a regular income stream that can also contribute towards new adventures and you can keep on blogging.

Compare and research

You should never just take the first offer that comes along when you’re trying to book your next trip. Make sure you price compare everything – especially the expensive items like the flights. Consider travelling midweek if you can instead of on the weekends and this will also potentially reduce costs.


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