Relaxing in style, Canadian style

Every once in a while I get that urge to be pampered and treated like a millionaire – My favourite way to indulge is with a day or two at a spa hotel. I had to travel to Montreal, Quebec on business last month and over the weekend I splashed out for the royal treatment, and wow, did I ever find an amazing place.

A hotel above the crowd

What is this place you ask?  It’s none other than the Hotel le St. James Montreal. The name disguises how wonderful and exceptional this place is. The hotel is located right in the heart of the old part of Montreal, surrounded by beautiful European style architecture and that unique flavour of French Canada. The building is actually an old bank built in 1870, that has been completely restored and converted into the pinnacle of luxury. Inside its furnished with antiques and some amazing art – all of which combines to give you a comforting feeling, like you are home.

Relax, relax, relax

The royal treatment here starts with the valet parking, and continues onward right to your room.  Each room is decorated in its own style with careful attention to detail and design.  You get goose down comforters on the beds so you can curl up all cosy and warm on a cold winter evening while you read a book and sip a hot chocolate.

And the spa… oh my, the spa. The spa is located in the old bank vault which gives it such a unique feel.  Where else in the world can you be treated like royalty… in a bank vault?

I opted for a Swedish massage and then a facial treatment. I’ve never felt more rejuvenated, and I’d highly recommend this hotel to anyone who is planning a trip to Montreal!

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