Oh my! Crete is breathtaking!

A lot of us really enjoy heading off to the islands in the Mediterranean for a little rest and relaxation, or even better a business meeting or conference. There are few better places to have a business meeting or attend a conference than somewhere like Crete. Combine that with the awesome hotels and beaches on the island and you’re in for a real treat.

CreteCrete is one of the most diverse islands in the region. Everything about this island from its rich Minoan past to the snowy mountains (yes, some of the mountains on the island have snow all year round) and the sleepy villages is simply… magnificent. I can’t think of a better word for it really. The island is covered with olive trees, vineyards, palm trees, and even in some places, desert. One interesting feature I noticed is that most of the towns and villages are split into kato and epano. The kato areas are down on the beaches and are typically the newer developments, whereas the epano areas are up in the hills and are considerably older.

Business meeting and conference facilities are really quite good here, and the quality of the venues becomes apparent if you do a quick Google on conferences being held on the island. It’s actually quite amazing just how many there are. With such an incredible range of conferences going on throughout the year, the hotels here are stepping up their game, and providing everything you can think of that you would need while on a business trip.

Speaking of hotels, I’ve come across a couple that I enjoyed, and friends have also had a great experience with. These are the Asterias Village Resort in Koutouloufari, and the Alexander Beach Hotel & Village in Stalis. Both of these hotels provide excellent rooms and high quality services. Hopefully, they will be close to your conference venue. If not, well, they do make for excellent vacation spots.

CreteCrete has no shortage of things to do. I would really recommend that you spend a few hours poking around in the archaeological site in Knossos. It’s really interesting, and gives you quite an insight into what people lived like here 4000 years ago when the Minoan civilization was at its peak. Another favourite of mine is to head down to the south coast which is much less developed than the north. Or, if I’m feeling particularly energetic, I pack lots of water and snacks and walk down the Samaria Gorge. It takes about 6 or 7 hours, but the experience is well worth it.


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