New York at first glance

I have been aware of New York City all my life. As a child, I remember being told about the ‘tall buildings of New York’ which were called skyscrapers..  I was cautioned to never stare at the tall buildings if I ever visited, or everyone would know I was from out-of-town.

 What’s in a name?

New York has several nick names … the Big Apple is probably the most well known.  There seems to be nothing definitive as to the origin of Big Apple referring to New York City, but many believe an early use came from jockeys and grooms at the New York race tracks.  A reporter is said to have overheard a conversation where the speakers referred to all horse people wanting to participate in the New York (Big Apple) horse scene. A phrase describing New York that is popular is “New York is so fabulous they had to name it twice”. This refers to the city of New York located in the state of New York; combine the two and you get New York, New York.

Getting there

Eventually I was able to visit this great city.  I booked a hotel, and hopped on a flight.  A few hours later, there I was stepping out into what turned out to be a really pleasant autumn day. The JFK International Airport Arrivals Terminal can be really busy – at least, it was  on the day I arrived. People were going in every direction. I escaped out of the building, and found myself standing curb-side where there was a fleet of yellow taxis waiting.  Perfect!

I walked up to one, got in, and said “Manhattan please!”

Have you seen it yet?

It is hard to describe the grandeur of Manhattan and New York.  It seems like no matter where you look, and where you go, you are surrounded by tall buildings, flashing lights and more people than you ever thought possible to be in one place. There is so much to see and do, and I had a few top spots I definitely wanted to see, including Times Square, the Empire State Building and Rockafeller Center. Just before I left home, a friend mentioned that I should pick up a New York Pass card. What a great tip!  I saved a fortune on the entry fees for the attractions, and I also got a great discount on one of those open top hop-on, hop-off buses. New York was at my fingertips, and my adventure in the Big Apple was under way.


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