My favourite restaurants

When you travel, you have the opportunity to sample food from all over the world. There are a few places that have stood out to me, and I’d like to share them with you.

Pizza in Kigali Rwanda.Yes pizza, the best pizza I’ve ever had while travelling was in a central African country. The restaurant is called Sol e Luna, and it’s located in the Remera district of the city. It’s actually quite a classy place, located on a hill overlooking the city centre. It is owned and managed by a nice Italian man and his Rwandan wife, and they make some absolutely wonderful pizzas and other Italian dishes. Everything is Italian with a local flair combined with fresh local produce. The combination is truly perfect.

The Burger of the Gods in Seattle. This burger is definitely spot on with its name. The Lunchbox Laboratory is on 15th Avenue in Seattle, and Scott Simpson, the owner loves to try new things and new ideas in food. The burger that captured my taste buds is top quality ground beef, balsamic onions, gorgonzola sauce, on a kaiser bun. YUM!

Hotpot in Beijing. No trip to Asia is complete without a hotpot. The best hotpot I’ve ever tasted was at Ding Ding Xiang in Beijing. This quirky 1960s themed restaurant is located at 14 Dongzhong Jie is a must-see if you are ever in Beijing. The place is open late, so you can hang out here with friends and enjoy cooking your meal in your own private mini-cauldron.

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A hamburger in Calgary. Canadian beef ground up, cooked to your personal specifications, and handed over to you on a toasted bun. It up to you to go to the condiments station and load up on whatever toppings you desire. It’s not a high class place, but if you want a very tasty burger, this is a great place to go to.

Middle Eastern food Rotterdam. This is a new discovery for me, Bazar on Witte de Wittstraat in Rotterdam. I was just there a few weeks ago with a few friends, and I was pleasantly surprised. They serve up an impressive range of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. They don’t skimp on the décor or the serving sizes. I will definitely be going back soon – maybe I’ll see you there and we can compare notes on our favourites.


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  1. Hey Lu actually my apttpiee expanded thricely in NYC and hasn’t really stopped so I had plenty of room! It was a lovely menu all right, and very well executed. Dash it all anyway, I’m so coming in last place in this CDWM! But sure, it’s not about the winning, it’s about the partaking. But of course, that’s something that a loser would say *grumble*

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