Japan for the children?

Sometimes when we plan our trips abroad we don’t think about the children who may be travelling with us. They tag along and get bored in the hotel rooms. Japan can be a great destination for children though, and I thought it would be good to share a few things you can plan in for your family.

Disneyland….in Tokyo?

Yes there is a Disneyland in Tokyo! It is a bit bigger than Disneyland in California, and its everything you expect it to be. You will find all the classic characters, the themed rides, the works. There are even a few rides that are unique to this Disneyland location. You don’t need to speak Japanese to enjoy the park and the fantasy it creates for your family. Just dive in, and enjoy it.

© Carlos Alejo/flickr.com

Visit Space World

If you manage to escape from Tokyo, you can head for Fukuoka and visit another one of Japan’s popular theme parks, Space World. Like Disneyland, this park is filled with amusement park rides, but these are all themed around space travel. There are also swimming pools, carnival games, and theatres.

Check out the Yokohama Science Centre

If you’d prefer a little educational fun, you can take the family to the Yokohama Science Centre. The Science Centre is a hands-on facility that encourages you and your family to try things out through interactive games, videos and simple science experiments. It might sound odd, but this is actually a lot of fun, even for the “big” kids.

Go toy shopping

Hakuhinkan Toy Park back in Tokyo is really impressive. It is a five storey building that is a toy store, a children’s theatre and a restaurant. The whole place is designed for young children, and you will be able to find some truly unique toys that are not found back home. Your kids won’t want to leave.

These are just a few examples of places I have discovered in my travels, and from talking with other travellers. Do you have a favourite place you would like to share here?


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