Japan, a jewel in the east

Japan is a fascinating country and a place I think that everyone should visit at least once.  One big challenge though, is finding a good place to stay. If you are planning your very first trip to Japan, Tokyo is probably your best option. It is easy to get to from just about anywhere, and it has enough going on to keep even the most seasoned traveller busy. One big question is though – where do you stay when you are in the city?

Options for Tokyo?

Tokyo has an incredible range of choices for accommodation from hostels right up to the most opulent luxury that rivals the hotels in Dubai. If you are on a budget, you might think you have to stick with the one star hotels because of Tokyo’s reputation as a very expensive city. That’s not the case though; Tokyo has some excellent hotels that are very reasonably priced – the challenge is finding one.

A recommendation

There is one hotel that I can recommend for travellers on a budget; the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Tokyo. This hotel is located right next to the Shinagawa train station at the south entrance to the Tokyo city centre. This prime location means you are just steps away from city centre, the key attractions, and even the JR trains which will take you to pretty much anywhere in the country. The Airport Limousine Bus from Tokyo Narita Airport will drop you off right at the door so convenience is number one.

© Sven Lindner/flickr.com

© Sven Lindner/flickr.com

The hotel itself is very reasonably priced, especially if you consider the little extras that you get. You can expect niceties such as an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, very helpful English speaking staff, a bowling alley, and an excellent selection of restaurants. If you get a room on one of the upper floors, you will be treated to some amazing views over the city. The newly renovated rooms especially the double rooms on the 35th to 37th floor of the main tower are chic and stylish and have very nice minimalistic design. The rooms in the Annex tower are the largest and most spacious.

Overall, the Shinagawa hotel is probably the best value for money in the entire city, and it’s quick and easy to book it through HRS. I can’t imagine any other place to stay when I am in Tokyo. Maybe we will bump into each other in the Annex Tower one day. If we do, we will have to trade travel stories over coffee.

© chris_harber/flickr.com

© chris_harber/flickr.com


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