It’s time to find out what Bilbao has to offer

I’m always on the hunt for good photography opportunities. We can all take a photo of Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower, but to really stand out, you need to find some place a little different. I also like to find a place that is well known for it’s cuisine. Mixing the two into one destination is like heaven for me.

A couple of years ago, I came across a place that really captured my imagination, Bilbao, Spain. Bilbao is a relatively decent sized city on the north coast of Spain, right in the heart of Basque Country. The city dates back to the early 14th century, and has retained a lot of its historical character – a large part of which I’ve explored and photographed.

Bilbao guideGetting to Bilbao is really easy. You can fly with EasyJet from London Stansted or Manchester, or Ryanair to nearby Satander. Trains are available too of course, but you will find that they take quite a lot longer, and you will have to detour through Madrid or Barcelona. Personally, I opt to fly from Stansted.

One of the top attractions in the city, and something really at the heart of the tourist industry here is the Guggenheim Museum. The building alone is an absolutely astounding piece of modern art, and inside, the masterpieces will take your breath away. Interestingly, it’s not all about tourism here. The Euskalduna Conference Centre is central to the business tourism for the region. A lot of the people you pass on the streets and share a coffee with in the morning are here on business, attending one of the endless string of conferences held here almost every single week of the year.

View from Mount Artxanda, BilbaoI really enjoy just walking about the city. Every time I’m here, I stumble onto something I’d missed on my last visit. Things like the flower puppy in front of the Guggenheim Museum… or the Puenta de San Anton bridge never fail to make me smile. If you do happen to visit here during the summer, make sure you go to the open air concert at the Kiosko del Arenal. Another fantastic time to visit is the nine days after the 15th of August when the city is holding the Aste Nagusia fiesta. It’s noisy, musical, and colourful. You will need to bring extra memory cards for your camera!


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