HRS App for Hotels – Bookings via Facebook Fanpage

Facebook – most of us use it and it is part of our life. But Facebook is becoming more and more important for enterprises, companies and brands, too. A company profile or fan page is almost a must have to be present in the virtual world, to make contacts and to stay in touch with them. Therefore, not only big, widely known hotel chains have their own fan page, but also smaller, maybe lesser known hotels.

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HRS App for Hotels

And this is where HRS offers support: The HRS App for Hotels allows bookings via a hotel’s own fan page on facebook. In a few steps, it can easily be integrated into the personal fan page.

Once the app is integrated, bookings can easily be made via the Facebook page. The widget ‘Book Now’ is placed on the top of the page after the successful implementation and cannot really be overlooked by (potential) customers.

Besides hotel information, the app also displays photos and videos as well as customer ratings which give the booking customer all necessary information. There is no need to put in a lot of time and effort to create a clear and well-designed booking mask since the app automatically includes these steps.

Many people have a good knowledge about Facebook and use the social network on a regular basis. Thus, the hurdle to complete a booking process this way is a lot smaller. Users of the social network find it a lot easier to book a hotel for the next weekend trip on the side.




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