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When you travel, you might be thinking of ways to upgrade your flights, but did you know you can also sometimes manage a hotel room upgrade. You pay for a basic room, but get to stay in an opulent suite for the basic room price. That seems like a pretty sweet deal, but just as with flight upgrades, it does take a little work to get those hotel room upgrades.  I’ve compiled a list of tips that you can use – they are not a guarantee, but you can sometimes make it work in your favour.

Politeness goes a long way

It might seem obvious, but it has to be said… a little politeness goes a very long way. The people manning the front desk have to interact with all types of people every day. Some are insufferably rude, and others unreasonable and impatient. If you can put a good face forward, smile, say thank-you the receptionist might thank you in return with a better room if one is available. Don’t over-do it though, that’s just as bad as being rude.

Time your arrival

This is a tough one. Some travellers say arrive late, others say arrive early. I can’t decide which works better, so I’ll let you decide. If you plan on arriving late, make sure you let the hotel know before-hand so they don’t cancel your reservation. The fans of arriving late say that if any better rooms were held back by the hotel, they are more inclined to give them to you to fill them up. People who say arriving early is better go with the premise that you arrive during a slow period, and the person doing your check-in has time to find you a room with a view – when you ask politely.

hotel room

Be a frequent customer

Just like airlines, hotels reward repeat customers. If you are known to the staff and have a good reputation, they will do more to ensure you continue to come back. If you do plan on visiting a hotel frequently on business or for other travel reasons, get to know the staff. If they upgrade you once, they are likely to upgrade you on your next check-in as well

Dress well

If you are standing there at the desk looking like you’ve just arrived back in town after a 6 month trek through the Andes, you are probably not going to get much for special treatment. If, on the other hand, you are neatly dressed (this doesn’t have to be a business suit), your chance of success in requesting an upgrade go up exponentially.

hotelDon’t make a big show

If you do ask for an upgrade, ask quietly. If you make a big show if it, demanding in a loud voice that you get the best room for the price of a budget single, you will not get anything more than the budget single. Ask discretely, and you never know, you could be sleeping in a plush luxury suite with the best view in the house.

If you’ve got any additional hotel room upgrading tips please let me know.


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