Hidden Gems of London

With London being such a popular tourist destination, finding ‘hidden gems’ can be very difficult.
To help out, HRS spoke to a host of the capital’s leading bloggers to reveal the best secret hangouts the city has to offer.

Hidden Gems of London
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6 thoughts on “Hidden Gems of London

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  4. Love the idea of this blog- unearthing hidden gems of London! I will be visiting the flower market and park farm & cafe :) I also suggest to anyone coming to stay in London to try searching for a boutique hotel, instead of the standard chains to experience another side to the bustling city!

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  6. This is a really useful blog post, especially those who are new to London, I recommend that anyone new to London that would like to visit these venues with a companion visit http://www.wouldlovetogo.com, it’s a site designed to help people form friendships and find companions to attend events, exhibitions or even just go for a coffee with.

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