Good Friday

Good Friday is coming up on us quite quickly; this year it will be on 29 March – have you made any plans yet?
What exactly is Good Friday anyway? Other than a day off work I mean. The day is part of the religious holidays surrounding Easter and the crucifixion of Jesus. Many people celebrate is with church services where they commemorate the death of Jesus and what it means to them for their faith.

easter illustration There are many interesting customs associated with Good Friday. In Bermuda for example, the locals fly Easter kites made from string, sticks, and paper. In the Philippines, they dramatically re-enact the crucifixion with the biggest part of the day set for precisely 15:00. In most of Europe, businesses are closed and people spend the day with their families, or if the weather is nice, they head out on a little mini-vacation.

Good Friday destinations?

Have you given any thought to where you might go? I’ve got a couple suggestions so a weekend away. How about somewhere like Croatia? It’s lovely in the spring and very inexpensive as well.

One of my favourite places is the city of Split. It’s located down in the southern part of the country right on the Adriatic Sea. The city is built up on a peninsula that juts out into the well sheltered bay, and to say that it’s a beautiful location just doesn’t do it justice. It has certainly earned its nickname as the “Mediterranean flower”. The weather should be good enough at the end of March that you can enjoy the sunshine, especially at Bačvice on the south side of the waterfront, or you can head over to Kaštelet and Kašjun.

A comfy place to lay your head

The hotels here range from basic hostels right up to the opulent luxury of the 5 star resorts. The great thing about this place is that even the top end hotels are not expensive by European prices. A suggestion for a hotel is Villa Johnny in Podstrana. This hotel is just south of Split, and has some breath-taking views from its balconies. If you want to travel on a budget, you should check out the Stipe Aparthotel. This hotel provides you with all the things you’d expect from an apartment hotel including kitchen facilities so you can dine-in, instead of eating at a restaurant every day.


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