Explore the Medieval villages of Luxembourg with me

The tiny country of Luxembourg is tucked away between Germany, France, and Belgium. It’s a country you can easily miss if you blink while you’re travelling through the area on the autobahn. Luxembourg is, today, a financial powerhouse and I’d say that you could even call it one of Europe’s most scenic countries. For as diminutive as it is, you would be surprised just how many medieval villages and hilltop castles it has. Luxembourg City, the place most visitors like myself know, with its ancient old city fortifications right next to modern skyscrapers, is a beautiful place. Between the city, and the countryside, it’s a place I’d really like to encourage you to check out at some point.

LuxembourgFor a country of only 2500 square kilometres (that’s 998 square miles), you’d be amazed how many hotels it contains. The choice can be overwhelming, so I thought maybe I could recommend one or two for you to think about when you plan your own visit to Luxembourg.

The first hotel that pops into my mind is the Sofitel Luxembourg le Grand Ducal. It has a grand sounding name, but it’s surprisingly affordable at roughly 125 Euro per night. I picked this hotel for several reasons. First, it’s located right in the heart of the old historic part of Luxembourg City, and it’s only 10 minutes from the airport. You will also find the international train station is only a few steps away. The location in the heart of the city means it’s perfect for tourists, and business travellers. Attending a conference? Want to explore the medieval parts of Luxembourg? This is really one of the top luxury hotels at a really good price.

Luxembourg by NightThe second hotel that I think is worth considering is outside the city in the village of Mondorf-les-Bains. The Hotel Am Klouschter is a restored convent, and only about 25 minutes to the south east of Luxembourg City. The price is amazing for what you get too… just 75 Euro per night off season. With the money you save on the hotel, you can indulge yourself at the spa which is just a couple hundred metres away. The hotel is modern, but done up in a style that is sympathetic to the building and the ancient village that it resides in.

So now that a place to stay is sorted out, what can you do in Luxembourg? Well to start with, when you consider that a significant part of Luxembourg City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can guess that there is some pretty spectacular sights awaiting you.  There is the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the town fortifications, the Grand Ducal Palace, the Bock casemates, Neumünster Abbey and the Place d’Armes. Then there are the World War II fortifications, the museums… the list goes on and on. If you’re just looking for some relaxation, you can spend a day or two at the spa in Mondorf-les-Bains, or just go for a walk through Chemin de la Corniche.



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