Enjoy the secluded beaches and more in the Canary Islands

Sometimes, we all just need a few days away from it all. We need a place to go where we can just do nothing for a couple of days before easing back into reality. Maybe laze about on a beach for a day, or wake up early and watch the sun rise over the ocean. All my friends pester me for ideas of where they can go that is close enough to home that they can get there easily, but far enough away that it doesn’t feel like they’ve popped around to the local swimming pool. I always suggest the Canary Islands.


There are seven islands that make up this chain of islands out in the Atlantic, and with enough variety and variation between them, there is something for everyone, ranging from party zones to quiet tranquil places with no one else around. I think this variety is what really stands out for me. You really can find your perfect paradise here regardless of whether that means more pubs and clubs than you could possibly go to in a week, or a private beach and no sounds except the sea birds calling each other and the waves crashing on the shoreline.

Getting there is dead simple. No matter where you are in Europe, you will be able to find a flight to at least one of the islands, most likely Tenerife or Gran Canaria. Once you are there, travel between the islands is easy enough, and relaxing as well, of you go by ferry.

The most difficult thing about finding a place to stay is choosing. If you search on HRS for hotels, you will be presented with a very long list of hotels covering the whole range of the spectrum from simple basics to palatial luxury. I’d really recommend that you take a look at the reviews and ratings from the other HRS users. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect from a particular hotel.

La Gomera

Choosing the island to visit comes down to what you want to do. Lanzarote for example is great if you want to spend your vacation partying it up every night. Tenerife might be a better choice if you’re looking for a blend of nightlife, sights and a great beach. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, then you will want to head for La Gomera.

I really enjoy visiting the Canaries. They are a perfect year-round destination. Who knows, maybe we will bump into each other on the beaches of La Gomera one day.


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