Enjoy a good scare this Halloween

Autumn is creeping up on us quickly. The days are getting colder and the end-of-year holidays are racing past. Speaking of these holidays, Halloween is here. Now! We all like to have a little fun with this holiday, but have you ever wondered where it started? There are many stories about the origins of Halloween. Most agree that the holiday was associated with autumn harvest and the Celtic new year. Many suggest that the holiday originated with a Celtic festival. During that time the Celtic people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts. They believed that spirits would come into homes and visit with living relatives, therefore treats were left on front porches for the spirits and ghosts with hope that the living would not be harmed.

Halloween PumpkinsEventually. November 1 became a religious holiday known as All Saints Day. The night preceding All Saints Day would come to be known as Halloween. And, there you have it, Halloween was born, and we enjoy the holiday centuries later.

So, what do you plan on doing for your Halloween this year?  I’ve been thinking a lot about it recently, trying to plan it a little as I only have a couple of free days to spend, and I’ve stumbled onto something I think is really cool right here in the UK, out in West Sussex.  Half way between Crawley and East Grinstead, just off the M23, is Tulleys Scream Park, on Tulleys Farm.

I love that this is just south of London, 15 minutes from the M23 junction on the M25. You can nip down here in an evening (they are only open from 6pm through midnight) and really have some good old fashioned Halloween fun. You definitely do have to plan it though. They have limited admittance, and, they close after the fireworks show on 2 November.

Brighton FashionSince I’ve got the 31st as a day off, I’m thinking I’ll make a whole day of it. I will head down to Brighton, and do a little shopping in my favourite haunt, The Lanes, hang out in a café for a while and simply relax before I make my way back to Tulley’s Farm.

Now the next challenge… deciding on that perfect costume…


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