End of the Road Festival

Music is one of those things that “makes the world go ’round”. No matter where you go, you will find music in one form or another, be it local folk music, alternative rock, experimental dance rhythms, country, or pop rock.

Mogwai on the End of the Road Festival 2011

Sometimes all it takes to bring people together for a music festival is a spark of an idea and the desire to share a specific type or range of music styles. In 2006, two friends had just that, an idea for a music festival to celebrate alternative, folk and country music. They found a venue on the border of Dorset and Wiltshire and the End of the Road Festival was born.

This year it will be held from 30 August to the 1st of September at the usual location at the Larmer Tree Gardens in North Dorset. The main headline acts include Sigur Ros, Dinosaur Jr., and a long list of country and folk bands from the USA and Europe. When you combine the wide range of bands and other acts with the incredible surroundings provided by the venue, you have an event that is hard to match anywhere in Europe.

End of the Road festival

Finding a place to stay for these summer events can be a challenge. Of course most of these summer events and festivals make provisions for camping and spaces for tents, but, if you’re like me and prefer to “camp” in a hotel, you will have to plan ahead a little.  The best options for hotels close to the festival grounds are to be found in the nearby town of Salisbury, about 16 kilometres to the east of Tollard Royal and the Larmer Tree Gardens. If you do opt for a hotel over camping, I can recommend the Legacy Rose and Crown on the south side of Salisbury. I always say that a comfortable night in a cosy hotel makes the whole festival experience that much better.

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