Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Show is a long standing horticulture show held over five days in May.  This year, 2013, it will be held from 21 May to 25 May. The organiser of this event is the Royal Horticultural Society, and the venue is the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London. This is no small event either. It pulls in visitors from all over the world – it is something you definitely need to see at least once.

Flower Show in Chelsea

The first flower show was held in 1862, in Kensington. They held the flower show on the hospital grounds in Kensington up until 1888. Thereafter, a decision was taken to move it into a more central location in London, and they selected Temple Gardens. A few years passed, and the organizers ran into several logistics issues with Temple Gardens. On 20 May 1913, they opened the flower show on the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. This show proved to be such a huge success that it has been held here almost every year since then.

One of the incredible things about this show is the introduction of new plants and flowers. People really work hard, sometimes for many years, carefully selecting the best plants and flowers, cross breeding them and grafting to produce amazing new flowers. It is almost like a flower fashion show with the gardeners and horticulturists parading their successful creations for the world to admire.

Chelsea Flower ShowIf you are thinking of attending this fabulous event, you do need to do a little planning as they limit the number of people who can attend each year due to the size of the venue. This means you absolutely must purchase your tickets in advance. You will also need to book a comfortable place to stay well in advance. There are several excellent hotel choices around Chelsea such as the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel & Spa, and the DoubleTree Hilton.

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