Canada on a budget? Is it possible?

When we sit and think about places we would love to go, we think about the overall costs, the flights, the hotels, food, entrance fees and so on, and the evil budget rears its ugly head. We all would probably love to go to Fiji for two or three months, but the reality is… we can’t. Well, what about Canada for a week or two? You can actually fit a nice trip to eastern Canada into most travel budgets.

Flights of course are always a major portion of the travel budget. If you watch for deals though, you can get some excellent prices on flights from London or Amsterdam to Montreal or Toronto. Most of these good prices are in the shoulder season, especially May and September.

Tj Cosgrove n TorontoFinding a good price balance on a hotel can be a challenge as well, especially on a budget. HRS has a nice feature though that can help you out here – the customer rating. You can sort your hotel results by Customer rating and see what other people thought about the hotel you are considering. For example, if you were planning a trip to Toronto for 18 to 26 May, you could search HRS for hotels and you would be presented with a list of the best from luxury to budget. Then if you sort by Customer rating, you will find that a place like the Best Western Plus Travel Hotel comes out on top with a 9 out of 10 rating by other HRS customers. If that one is too far out of the city centre, you can check out other ones at the top of the list such as The Strathcona which is located right in the city centre.

Continuing on the budget theme, transportation within the city is actually very affordable if you buy a day pass. This gives you access to all buses, trams and the metro for the entire day. Even better is the weekend when a single day pass covers up to 6 people (2 adults and 4 children), so it’s perfect for families.

TorontoTheatre in Toronto is a major part of the local culture. Unfortunately, the good seats are really quite pricey. A little tip though, you can put your name in for the seat lottery for seats in the first row, and any left over box seats. The price is very low, and if you’re flexible, you might be surprised at the interesting and entertaining show you will get to see.

Overall, it really is possible to take a week off and head to Canada to soak up the unique blend of European and American culture that defines the country. It’s a fabulous place to visit, and I’ll bet that once you go on that first trip, you will be planning your next visit before you leave.

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