Business conference destinations in Europe

Travel isn’t always just about vacation time. Sometimes we need to travel to meet with clients, attend a conference, or maybe visit a branch office of the company we work for.  Business conferences are probably top on my list of why I travel. A lot of my trips have been to the traditional places like Central London, Paris and so on. These are nice places to visit, but the cost of  travelling to these cities, and then staying in a hotel close to the conference venue is sky rocketing.

Last year I proposed that we look a little outside the box and consider a new destination for our business conferences and meetings. We have to travel anyway to attend, why not extend the flight another hour and save some money in the process?

Businessman in conference roomThere are an amazing number of choices available for conference destinations. In fact, I was really blown away at what was available. Close to home, you have cities like Lyon, France, and a bit further out, you can set up your conference in Riga, Latvia, or Belgrade, Serbia. Another choice that kept popping up was Poland with multiple cities that look very promising such as Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk.

Riga was the top choice for this year. The conference facilities in the hotels located around the city centre are top notch, and the hotels are incredibly inexpensive. Riga is only a short flight from London, and even less from Stockholm. The weather in the late summer is fantastic as well, so everyone can enjoy their free evenings in the street cafés, or they can wander around practising their photography skills.

RigaFor the spring, I have to decide.. is it going to be Gdansk, or Belgrade. Which would you choose?


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