A trip to the spa in London

Have you ever woken up early one morning, looked at the time, and then out the window and thought “uggh, I need a day off”?  I know I have. Sometimes we need a little “me” time and my favourite way to play hookie from the office is to sneak off to one of the local spas and treat myself to a day of feeling like a wealthy millionaire… on a normal person’s budget of course.

Virtually every town and city has at least one spa nearby, but which one is good? Which one should you go to? My best advice is ask around and get some tips from a few of your friends. I’ve found a couple in London that are quite nice. One of my favourites is the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel & Spa. The location is great, right on the Battersea Park, and the Chelsea Wharf. The Sloane Square Underground station just down the street from the hotel (just across the Thames), and Battersea Park train station is close as well.

MassageNow the spa… simply awesome, is how a friend described it. I had to find out for myself, and I know what they meant. The rooms are huge for London hotel rooms, and the décor is ultra modern, clean and crisp. It just made me say “yes, perfect” when I walked into my room. It’s the little things too that make it stand out, like the coffee nook with its little sink and coffee making supplies, the huge shower, the well appointed gym, the amazing swimming pool, and so many other extras. They all added up to a fantastic experience.

The reason I went though wasn’t for a big shower or a cup of coffee, it was for the spa. I booked in for a massage, a facial, and then a tranquil hour or so sipping a herbal tea in the relaxation area. I felt so relaxed at the end of the treatment, I could barely stand up. I think my legs had turned to rubber somewhere in the program. By the time I made it to my room I was mostly asleep, and collapsed onto the bed for one of the best sleeps I’ve had all year.

Spa TeaSo would I recommend a spa day or spa weekend? Yes, definitely. Everyone, men and women, needs to do this once in a while to remind themselves that they are human and need that “me” time to rejuvenate their skin, their bodies and most importantly their minds.

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