A Chocolate-Themed Trip around the World

If your usual daydreams about lying on beaches or jetting off to explore new cities have been rudely interrupted by fantasies involving chocolate this month, you’re not alone. With Easter just around the corner, plenty of people are finding their minds wandering to cocoa-based deliciousness, and here at HRS, we are no exception.

That’s why we’ve decided to combine our love of travel with our addiction to chocolate, to bring you our tasty guide to the cities that celebrate and elevate society’s love of chocolate. So don’t try and decide which you like best, choose chocolate and travel as you take your virtual taste buds on a journey of sweet discovery…

First stop, it’s Comalcalco in Tabasco, Mexico.

Since the word chocolate is believed by some to originate from the Maya xocoatl, it makes sense that Mexico should have the first word in our chocolate tour, but it’s the way they serve it hot here that really convinced us to include the State of Tabasco in our round up: imagine thick, frothy hot chocolate with a moreishly bitter edge and a confident kick of chilli – that’s hot chocolate, Maya-style. So why Comalcalco? Indulge in a taste of history by visiting the city’s cacao museum and cacao haciendas, and you’ll find out.

Maya xocoatl

Next, get a taste for churros in Madrid, Spain.

Always wondered about the best way to eat chocolate? The chocolaterías dotted all over Madrid know the secret, and they’ll happily share it with you. Churros – long, thin sticks of savoury fried dough, with a taste like waffles – should be dipped into thick melted chocolate and devoured in this energetic and vibrant city.

Churros with chocolate, a typical Spanish sweet snack

Turin, Italy is the country’s chocolate capital according to National Geographic, and the fact that bicerin is native to the city confirms it for us. This delicious hot drink brings espresso, drinking chocolate and whole milk together in layers, resulting in a treat that’s well worth traveling for.

London, Britain, knows how to be a part of the action where chocolate’s concerned: when the scrumptious substance made its way to England in the 1650s, many chocolate houses sprang up to give people a place to meet, mingle and most importantly, enjoy chocolate drinks. Today, an array of chocolate tours give cocoa-cravers the chance to taste what the city has to offer, while some of the finest chocolatiers in the world are ready to welcome you into their London stores.

If we’ve whetted your appetite, keep your eyes peeled for the yummy results of our Easter competition, in which entrants got creative to decorate an Easter egg in a unique way. You’ll see the entries – and of course the winner of the fantastic hotel stay and chocolate hamper prize – on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Happy Easter!


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