5 reasons to book a cosy hotel in Grenoble

Winter is fast approaching, and most of us are looking forwards to a weekend or maybe even a week of rest and relaxation. The question is, where to go and where to stay.

I’ve travelled around Europe a little, and come across some good places, and some average places. Some are out-of-the-way, and others are easy to get to. Right now I’m thinking of a place that is quite easy to get to, and actually is a really nice place to escape to; that place is Grenoble in France.

© FrenchHope/flickr.com

© FrenchHope/flickr.com

I said five things right? Well Grenoble certainly has a lot more than five great features, but here are the five that stand out in my mind.

1. The beautiful centre with its distinctive character and squares. Especially nice is the area around the Notre Dame Musee, or the lovely Fort de la Bastille.

2. The food, yum, the food! I especially enjoy the tarts and hot chocolate on a wintry day at the Tarteline on Grande Rue. Or, the raclette, a melted cheese dream that has to be tasted to really appreciate.

dessert3. The Christmas Market that starts early in December and runs through to Christmas.

4. The lively street markets in areas like Place Saint Bruno, Villeneuve de Grenoble, and Place Andre Malraux.

5. The amazing hotels scattered around the city centre.

Grenoble is a really nice place nestled in the French Alps. It’s easy to get to, and a very nice little escape for a two day weekend or even a bit longer.

© archangel 12/flickr.com

© archangel 12/flickr.com

So now it’s your turn. Have you been to Grenoble?

What was your favourite feature? The pizza? A particular café?

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